Dragon’s Arrow

High above the jagged mountain peaks the dragon soared, cutting through clouds and scattering them into elongated tendrils with each beat of his wings.  Too high to cast a shadow on the earth below he danced on the wind undetected.

Straining muscles pumped the leathery wings as he climbed higher into the cold, thin air before tucking them close to his scaled sides and shooting like an arrow towards the ground below.  The icy caress of rushing wind was exhilarating, but experience soon had him arching his back and spreading his wings to break his headlong dash towards the ground.  Gently, first his back legs touched the rocky outcropping of the cliff and then his front legs came to rest, barely making a sound.  He tucked his wings to his sides and angled his big head to view the valley below.  Large, intelligent eyes followed the sparkling ribbon of a meandering stream bisecting the valley floor.  Trees ready to shake their long winter sleep showed the pale green of new leaves and birds sang to the promise of warmer weather.

He breathed in and tasted the day on his tongue.  Settling his large bulk more comfortably on the cliff edge he basked in the warmth of the sun while keeping a careful eye on the road running beside the tumbling water.  Soon his sharp eyes detected a wagon some distance away.  He watched carefully, barely moving a muscle as the wagon came closer.  The sun broke through a large cloud that had shadowed the valley-floor and a beam of sunlight caught the blond head of the wagon driver.

At last!  he thought to himself.  He watched a moment longer gauging the slow trek of the wagon before he rose and launched himself into the sky once more.  Strong beats of his wings quickly ate the distance until he found the spot he wanted and then lazily rode the air drafts circling closer to the ground.

The field was green and lush, hidden by the mountains on one side and a thick grove of trees nearest the road.  A small cabin was at one end, smoke curling from the chimney.  The air shimmered this time when he landed and where once had been a dragon, now stood a tall, dark haired, naked man.  Muscles rippled as he stretched his hands above his head and looked around with interest.  A slow, satisfied smile spread across his face lighting his strongly chiseled features.  Long hair blew in his eyes and he brushed it away.

The wagon rumble could be heard drawing nearer and he ran to the cabin, bursting through the door and quickly donning the clothing laid out waiting for him.

“Chance, are you here?”  the soft voice of his beloved called.

“And where else would I be, my love?”  Schooling his features in innocent lines Chance came to the door, leaned a shoulder negligently against the frame and crossed his arms over his strong chest.  Devilry danced in his blue eyes.

“Where, indeed,”  Shari replied with mock severity, not fooled for an instant.  She climbed down from the wagon to land lightly on her feet.  She tossed one long, blonde braid over her shoulder and tried her best to look stern.  She crossed her arms under her breasts and tapped one small impatient foot.  “You don’t, perchance, happen to know anything about a great dragon flying about, do you?”

“Me?  What could I possibly know about that?”  Chance straightened away from the door-frame and stepped fully into the light outside.  He shimmered for a moment, casting a subtle shadow of a dragon on the ground between them.

Laughter bubbled from Shari, the crystal sounds wrapping around Chance’s heart and bringing an answering smile to his lips.  He never failed to feel the sharp pierce of love, almost like an arrow to his heart, in her presence.

“You promised, you wretch,”  she chided, eyes sparkling with mirth.  Chance opened his arms and she stepped into his warm embrace, nestling close to hear the strong beat of his heart.  “It isn’t fair that you fly without me.”

“I know, beloved.  I won’t do it again.”

“See that you don’t,”  she murmured raising her head for a long, satisfying kiss.

Chance nuzzled against her soft neck, trailing kisses to her ear.  “How about I take you flying with me now?”  He whispered huskily in her ear.  He moved back and took her hands in his own, his smile a seductive promise.  Walking backwards, he gently pulled her into the cool darkness of the cabin, only releasing one hand long enough to close the door behind them.

A soft sigh floated on the air as the Dragon’s arrow flew with him as he had promised.


Copyright 2013 by Kylie Wolfe. All rights reserved.

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