Memory Wisps

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud
~ Maya Angelou

I was rudely jolted from sleep this morning trying to remember the name of a blog I used to read. What the heck? A blog?

I punched my pillow, pulled the blankets up to my chin and snuggled deeper into the comfort of my warm bed. Eyes closed I decided six am on a rainy Saturday morning was an obscene hour to wake up. Unfortunately, the word “doctor” drifted through my consciousness about the same time. Doctor Who? Yes, I really thought that and then wondered where the TARDIS was. Don’t judge – I was barely awake.

Now I was really getting annoyed and no matter how hard I tried to ignore the compulsion to chase memory wisps the name remained just out of reach. It played hide and seek with my sleep-dulled mind until sleep became wishful thinking. Damn it.

I won’t share what I growled under my breath as I threw back the covers and went in search of my phone to check Twitter. Stay with me here – there is a method to my madness. I followed the blog on Twitter as well because the author was witty and thought provoking. If I checked who I followed I might put an end to this madness. Have you ever tried to locate information on a phone without your glasses? Yeah, it was like that. Good news, I found what I was looking for – Noveldoctor.

For most people that piece of information would be enough. End to the mystery. Sometimes I hate not being “most people”. I grabbed my laptop and pulled up Stephen Parolini’s blog and proceeded to lose myself in all the posts I had missed while I had been sucked into the vortex of insanity my life had been lately. (We’ll leave that for another day – lucky you ☺)

Writing has not been a priority for me in a very long time. The last time I wrote a blog post was over a year ago. A year! It is easy to lose faith in ones self and to let doubt become a best friend, it is much harder to move through the dark times and pull the pieces of a life back together. Finding the joy in writing felt impossible. I was wrong. Sometimes the universe gives us an unexpected gift – a nudge in the right direction – even at six am on a rainy Saturday morning.

What I read made me laugh, made me think and reinforced that I am not alone. It was timely and needed. We never know what impacts our words can have on another. Through our blogs we share our thoughts and sometimes they resonate with a reader on a deeper level. Occasionally, if we are lucky, a reader will leave a comment, but most times we never know how we may have impacted another.

So, if you ever find yourself rudely awakened much too early as I was, my advice is to give in to the inevitable and follow that compulsion. You might find something surprising that will brighten your day.

Thank you, Stephen Parolini. You made my day.

Bored Crickets and Blog Posts

“I love to talk about nothing. It’s the only thing I know anything about.” 
~Oscar Wilde

It’s true what they say – you can find anything on the web!  I was trying to decide on a subject to blog about this week, but all I had circling in my brain was the echoing sound of bored crickets.  Nary an idea surfaced.  I blame it on the cold weather.  It isn’t much fun sitting at a day job with a blanket across my knees because it is cold in the office.  It tends to stifle creativity.  Just sayin’.

So, I blew on my cold fingers to get them to do more than look like frozen claws and did a search to see what ideas I could find.  Imagine my delight when pages of blog subjects were suddenly available and then imagine my consternation when I actually read some of those ideas!  There was the usual stuff – you know, diets and exercise (yawn)  But, there was also ghost-hunting and Hamburgers.  Seriously! Ghost-hunting.  Too bad I don’t know anything about it because it might be fun to write about.  Hamburgers – not so much.  Really, what is there to say about hamburger that hasn’t already been said?

Of course, if I really wanted to be creative I could tackle the subject of how to write a best seller.  Trouble is, I don’t know the secret handshake yet.  I am assuming there is one because otherwise writing a best seller is like hitting the winning lottery numbers, random and inexplicable.

If I was truly desperate I could write a letter to my sixteen year old self and give her some life altering advice.  Nah, teenagers never listen, so why go to all that effort?  Besides, if I altered my sixteen year old self with pithy advice then I wouldn’t be the same me here and now, right?  It boggles my mind just to consider the ramifications.

After scanning long lists and being alternately amused and horrified I did hit upon the one subject I think I can manage really well.  As a matter-of-fact after reading what I have written, I consider this blog post to be exactly right.  What was the blog subject you ask… Brain dump.  What’s on your mind right now.

Now aren’t you sorry you asked ?   🙂