A Red Door

I don’t know if I have a favorite color.

~Kate Middleton

I thought about writing a post about Labor Day and kicked the idea around most of yesterday.  It sounded like a timely subject and I mentally began to form the words in my head.  I got up this morning with every intention of fleshing out my idea and posting it.  I painted my front door instead.

I painted it red.  A lovely spice red to be exact.

When it comes to color decisions I waffle.  I struggle to make a decision. I am baffled by all the shades with cute names attached.  Who wouldn’t like the idea of Fire Cracker, Woven Straw or Royal Liqueur?  The names alone sound intriguing, but how will they look on my walls? Walls, I might add, that stayed white for years because I couldn’t decide on their color identity.

I worried I would pick the wrong color and it would look awful.  Yes, I know it is only paint and I could change it.  Unfortunately, logic doesn’t work when it comes to long walls and the myriad color choices.  It is a commitment and I am a commitment phobe.

In spite of that, I slowly- and I do mean slowly- added color to the bedrooms and the bathrooms.  That wasn’t too bad.  Besides, they weren’t on public display like the family space would be.  Eventually, I painted an accent wall in my living room.  I loved the color and I am happy with it.  The problem – I have three other walls with paint splotches amongst the white.  I haven’t found the right green to compliment the other wall yet. I remain hopeful I will make a decision sometime this decade.

Which brings me to my red door.  It has been white since the day I moved in.  A safe, boring white.  It doesn’t jump out at you from the street and shout  look at mehere lives an interesting person.  It blended quietly with all the other nice, safe white doors in my neighborhood.

Today I rebelled.  I went to the paint store, picked out swatches and brought them home.  I debated the choices and settled on Spice Red.  I made a decision in ten minutes.  Ten minutes, people – unheard of!  Even more scary…I actually painted the door!

I like it.  It has sass.



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